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    the most incredible scene in all of red vs blue tbh

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    This is the line that has gotten me through life.

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  3. "i want to get so close to you
    climb inside your ribcage
    find the darkest parts of you
    and stay there
    plant a fucking garden
    hang a wreath on the door
    decorate for christmas
    i want to kiss you
    in all the places you hate
    the most
    because there’s no part
    of you that i don’t want
    you are the weirdest
    most fucked up
    and i want all of it
    you are home"
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    Hi everyone

    I need your help. I was told today we owe the government $300 dollars by Sept 17th for my student loan payments.

    This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Thresh’s knee wasn’t swollen and in need of a vet trip when we return from our vacation in 9 days(which we can not back out on now). This will require at least one follow up visit after the initial, if not two. These visits include the exam fee, xrays and medication if needed. With her foot, we spent around 400 dollars to see it mostly(not even completely) healed before we had to pull her off Baytril.

    To be frank, I can not afford the sudden bill, plus Thresh’s vet appointment, plus food or our bills. I am already in debt-my credit card is maxed, our savings is pretty much run dry, and I am at a loss what to do. I want to see Thresh healthy, but I can not ignore the money owed-it will be taken from us if I like it or not…

    I need around $500 dollars to be able to make all my ends meet with this.

    I have over 170 followers, if every one person who follows this blog donated 3 dollars, I would have the money I need to pay the debt, bring Thresh to the vet and afford food or other bills.

    In exchange, I will take a picture of a pet of your choice, with a party hat of some sort on their head, posing in front of a white board with your name or tumblr URL saying thanks. I do not promise they will cooperate.

    I have a paypal button on my page, but you can donate to j.veitch@live.ca via paypal as well.

    If you can not donate, please, please reblog and share this. I hate asking for money from anyone, but I don’t have a choice.

    Hey all! We’re at a 5th of our goal, which is so amazing! I’ll be home tomorrow and posting pictures of the scaley ones.

    We’re still not at our goal, so please don’t forget to reblog and share this and donate if you can!! Remember, only a few dollars can go such a long way.